Winter Survival Essentials For Mom & Baby

March 5, 2015

Mom Baby Winter

March has arrived, yet it seems like winter is only getting harsher! We know how tough it can be to keep you and your baby comfortable when out-and-about in the cold. Stay warm and protected with these winter essentials, so you can ensure as much comfort and agility through the rest of these frigid days.

Braving the whipping winter winds with your little one requires a bevy of must-have tools to keep you both safe and comfortable when you’re on-the-go, including:

For Baby

  • A snug fitting winter hat that covers your baby’s ears
  • Mittens—they’re easier to slip on little hands
  • A thick winter coat with sleeves that taper at the wrist
  • Baby leg warmers to add layered warmth on a particularly chilly day
  • Nine Naturals Repairing Body Balm to treat your baby’s Jack Frost-kissed skin
  • A warm stroller blanket or BundleMe to keep body heat in and the cold out
  • A waterproof stroller cover to slip on during rain, sleet, or snow
  • Shoes that cover your baby’s ankles—snow boots or rain boots during periods of wet weather
  • Nine Naturals Natural Sunscreen SPF 32 to shield your baby from the sun’s harmful rays

For Mom

  • A warm winter coat that extends past your waist and can zip or button up high on your neck
  • Ear muffs or a snug fitting hat that will keep you warm but not interfere with your ability to hear clearly
  • A heavy-knit scarf that is both easy to put on and remove
  • Nine Naturals Unscented Moisturizing Body Cream to lock in moisture
  • Smart touch gloves, which allow you to answer a phone call or send a text without exposing your digits to the elements
  • Sunglasses to shield your eyes from the bright winter sun
  • Nine Naturals Simply Natural Lip Balm to treat painfully chapped lips
  • A stocked diaper bag with saline wipes for runny noses, alcohol-free hand sanitizer, hand warmers to slip in your coat pocket, and a baby bottle filled with water to keep your precious one hydrated
  • The Dark Sky App —available on your iPhone or iPad—provides you with up to the minute weather condition reports, allowing you to decide if you should head out or stay inside for the day

The crispness of winter will soon fade and spring’s blooms will blossom, but until then it’s best to always be prepared for inclement weather when venturing out with your child.

Drugstore Hacks: Baby Aisle

March 2, 2015

6 baby buys that aren’t just for babies!

drugstore hacks

Article & Photo courtesy of Well Rounded NY

The baby aisle of your local drugstore store may have much more to offer than just your basic go-to baby buys. As a mother of two, I’ve spent my share of time and money on everything from lotions and oils to diapers and wipes for my kids, but I’ve also found some really helpful, unconventional uses for these items in our household as well!

When brands create and design products for children, they have to keep in mind that babies have gentler needs. Their sensitive skin and delicate immune systems require that more emphasis be placed on items that are free of harsh chemicals and fragrances, softer to the touch, and yet still durable, dependable and effective. These wonderful qualities are ones that adults love too, which make your favorite baby purchases versatile and great to have on hand for your own beauty, wellness and cleanup needs.

Here are some of my favorite drugstore baby aisle hacks:

1. Baby Powder: Baby powder has wide use beyond powdering a baby’s bum. It’s a great deodorizer for stinky shoes, and is great for getting all of the sand off your body (and your kids too!) after a beach day. It can also be used as an easy dry shampoo and volumizer for your hair between washes. Just sprinkle a small amount into the roots of a few sections of hair, and work it through with your fingertips. At a fraction of the cost of most women’s hair products, you’re getting a great deal too!

2. Diapers and Baby Wipes: Cloth diapers are great to use as cleaning rags and car shammies, or to mop the floor in your house, while disposable diapers can be frozen and used as ice packs if you’re in a pinch. Baby wipes are great for cleaning leather/vinyl purses and leather shoes, as well as wiping down your car dashboard, cup holders and console. A resealable refill pack is easy to keep in your car or glove compartment.

3. Hydration Products: Kids aren’t the only ones who get dehydrated – in fact, 75% of Americans experience dehydration every day. It is also the #1 cause of midday fatigue. But all the serious rehydration solutions can be found in the baby aisle. Thankfully, the category is expanding and new products don’t have the sickeningly sweet taste of pediatric solutions made specifically to appeal to young children. Medical grade rehydration solutions pack a powerful electrolyte punch – twice the amount of sports drinks – and will get you back on your feet in no time. Especially around the holiday season, when holiday travel, flu season, and celebrations can all take a toll, hydration solutions are a good addition to the medicine cabinet.

4. Baby Oil: There are so many wonderful uses for this one! Not only is it great for softening skin, especially those rougher spots like elbows and knees, but it’s also the perfect waterproof mascara remover that won’t sting your eyes. In addition, baby oil is a gentle alternative to regular bath oils that often contain harsh fragrances and artificial colors. Use baby oil in the shower instead of shaving cream too, for a smoother, closer shave and softer legs! Not to mention, baby oil can also remove sticky substances from the skin quickly and easily.

5. Lotions and Creams: Many skin care products found in the baby aisle are just as effective for adult skin too; they’re designed for sensitive skin, and often have no fragrance, which is great for people with sensitivities to certain scents or who are prone to headaches. For those that do carry a fragrance however, it’s often something light and fresh like lavender, which is an essential oil known for its naturally calming effects—a winning formula after a long day and a hot shower.

6. Baby Shampoo: The mild formulas used in baby shampoos are fantastic to use when you’re cleaning more delicate laundry like bras and panties. Much kinder to your clothes than most laundry detergents, this is a nice way to keep hand-wash-only items in great condition and smelling sweet.


This article is by Kimberly Blaine, courtesy of Well Rounded NY.  Conceived with love by former magazine editors Jessica Pallay and Kaity Velez, Well Rounded NY aims to be the singular pregnancy resource for city-savvy moms-to-be. Through reviews, profiles, expert Q&As, local guides and more, Well Rounded curates the New York City pregnancy and helps its readers come to terms – and term! – with pregnancy in the city.

Things We’ve Read: Week Of February 23, 2015

February 28, 2015

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Mom Hands Them Each A Box. Inside? This Is HYSTERICAL! (Little Things): Two young sisters learn about their soon-to-be addition to the family, and their reactions are priceless, and so sweet!

Pregnancy Odor Reveals Unborn Baby’s Sex (Discovery): New research discovers that some (possibly all) female primates release a “pregnancy perfume” detecable by males.

This Is What Happens When 3 Dads Decide To Find Out What Pregnancy Is Really Like (HuffPost): In honor of their wives and own mothers, these three fathers are wearing pregnancy suits for a month and documenting the experience for a special Mother’s Day tribute.

Painkillers? Prozac? Brazilian Blowout? Hotline Counsels Pregnant Women On Risks (WBUR): MotherToBaby Hotline acts as a resource for pregnant women over the questions and health concerns of certain ingredients possibly harmful during pregnancy.

Beautiful Body Project: Photographer Captures What Real Women Look Like After Pregnancy (People): Photographer, Jade Beall embarks on her Beautiful Body Project by photographing the changes pregnancy makes to the female body in celebration of real women creating new life.

Senator seeks to increase maternity leave from two months to four months (Good Morning America): In another attempt by the Senate to extend maternity leaves, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV is hoping to double maternity leave benefits from 60 days to 120 days.

3 Powerful Ways to Win Your Child’s Respect (Yahoo): Dr. Todd Stone offers the three major lessons he’s learned thus far into parenthood.

7 Natural Beauty Ingredients Straight From Your Pantry

February 27, 2015


This weekend, treat yourself to some all-natural pampering with ingredients straight from your pantry! From soothing facial masks to quick blemish treatments, these seven kitchen-essentials will soon become your favorite beauty secrets.

1. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Opt for this natural moisturizer to refresh and rejuvenate your skin. Apply to skin after a shower to increase it’s hydrating properties. You’ll love the miraculous moisture as much as the subtle fragrance!

2. Avocados
We all know avocados are amazing superfoods, but they also provide some beauty benefits you should take advantage of. Avocados can be used to make an antioxidant and amino acid-high facial mask that targets signs of aging and nourishes dry skin. The natural oils will soak into your skin, helping to brighten and hydrate. Apply a mashed avocado with a little bit of water to your face and leave for 10 minutes before rinsing.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar
To boost your hair’s body and shine, rinse with pure apple cider vinegar after shampooing, and finish with a natural conditioner, like Nine Naturals Citrus and Mint Nourishing Pregnancy Conditioner. You can also dilute one part apple cider vinegar with two parts water and apply to your face as your would your current toner. Apply after cleansing and before moisturizing to experience its brightening effects.

4. Brown Sugar
Brown sugar is a natural exfoliant that is gentle on all skin types. It also has antibacterial properties which can help detoxify the skin. Mix equal parts brown sugar and coconut oil and massage into skin.

5. Turmeric
You probably know turmeric as the main spice in curry, but it also has properties that help destroy acne-causing bacteria and minimize excess oil in the skin. This reason is probably due to one of turmeric’s active compounds, curcumin, which has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities. Mix turmeric and water to make a paste you can use as a blemish spot-treatment.

6. Baking Soda
Baking soda neutralizes toxins on the skin, making it a great acne spot-treatment to dry out blemishes. Just mix a little bit of baking soda with water to make a paste, and apply directly to skin, leaving for at least 10 minutes before rinsing.

7. Organic Yogurt
Organic fat free yogurt can act as a great cleanser to get flawless skin. High levels of lactic acid provide smoothness and hydration. You can use yogurt as a blemish spot-treatment to eliminate toxins reduce redness. Yogurt can also act as a natural base for DIY facial masks, where you can get creative and add your own ingredients! We recommend yogurt, oats, and honey.

What Is Cord Blood Banking?

February 25, 2015


You’ve probably seen the television commercials and skimmed through a pamphlet in your OB-GYN’s waiting room, but you may still be uncertain of what cord banking is exactly and if it is the right choice for you and your family. To help moms and moms-to-be make informed choices, we’ve taken a closer look at cord blood banking, its benefits and associated costs:

What Is Cord Blood Banking? 

The blood within a newborn baby’s umbilical cord contains young stem cells that can renew themselves and become specialized. These cord blood stem cells can be used in treatment to help children replace damaged blood cells with healthy ones and strengthen their immune systems. Cord blood banking specifically is the process of removing stem cell rich blood from a newborn’s umbilical cord after it is cut—therefore making it available to all new parents, regardless of delivery method— using either the syringe or the bag method. A laboratory then processes the blood within 48 hours and stores it in a private blood bank chosen by the donor’s (i.e. baby’s) parents. Parents can visit The American Association of Blood Banks for a list of accredited banks.

What Are The Benefits of Cord Blood Banking? 

The stem cells from the stored blood may then be used in the future as a treatment for the donor (although only 14 such procedures have ever been performed, according to the Institute of Medicine), a sibling (there is a 25% probability of a match), or a young relative if he or she is to become ill. Some experts believe that banking cord blood may be a wise choice if someone in your family already suffers from leukemia, sickle cell anemia or other blood disorders; however, the current uses of cord blood are limited.

Not everyone is a proponent of cord blood banking however, and many medical associations don’t support the practice for most people, as the benefits are too remote to justify the large expense. The policy of the American Academy of Pediatrics states that “private storage of cord blood as ‘biological insurance’ is unwise,” unless, of course, there is a family member with a current or potential future need of stem cell transplantation.

What Is The Cost of Cord Blood Banking?

The cost of banking your baby’s cord blood varies by bank, but most charge an initial processing fee in the range of $900 to $2,100 and then up to $200 annually for the duration of the banking. The National Marrow Donor Program has stated that properly stored cord blood should be good for up to 10 years. For parents who wish to donate their baby’s cord blood to a public bank, there is no cost involved and the chances that their little one’s cord blood can benefit another child are great. According to, “Those who advocate public cord blood donation say the stem cells have more value for the 70 percent of patients who don’t have a matching donor in their family and must search the public banks for a suitable donor.”

If you are interested in private or public cord blood banking, speak with your health care provider ideally between your 28th and 34th weeks of pregnancy.

Breaking it Down: Measles Vaccinations

February 23, 2015

Pediatrician Dr. Jennifer Trachtenberg helps new moms navigate the NYC vaccination landscape.

breaking it down...measles vaccinations

Article & Photo courtesy of Well Rounded NY

As moms, we all want to do the best we can to keep our children safe and healthy. But with all the information out there–and in many instances, misinformation–doing our best can get confusing. When it comes to vaccinating our children against measles, though, we can’t afford to be confused. After near eradication, there’s a sharp rise in reported cases of this potentially deadly disease, and those who cannot take the vaccine–including young infants and pregnant women, among others–are at risk. Especially in areas where pockets of the population are purposely opting against vaccinating their children. Like New York City.

To put some clarity back into the conversation, we turned to Dr. Jennifer Trachtenberg, pediatrician at Carnegie Hill Pediatrics in NYC and co-founder of Baby Bundle App. Below, Dr. Trachtenberg guides new moms on talking to their doctors (and friends) about vaccinations, and arms you with the information you need to keep your baby–and everyone else’s–safe and healthy.

There have been cases of measles in the past. Why is this particular measles outbreak so noteworthy?
Measles is extremely contagious, so much more so than, for example, chickenpox. If you are not vaccinated or had the disease already and you are in the air space of someone who is contagious, then you are very likely to develop measles. They do not have to sneeze or cough directly on you–the measles particles stay circulating in the air for a very long time.

It’s important that this issue receives a lot of press because parents need to understand that measles was considered eliminated from the United States, then last year there were about 600 cases. This year, with the Disneyland outbreak, we are up to about 100 cases, and it’s only February! In addition many people may be unaware that measles is contagious about 4 days before the sick individual even shows any signs or symptoms of the disease, leading to a lot of people being exposed. If you are unvaccinated and around someone who is contagious with measles, you have a 90 percent chance of getting the disease. That’s super high.

How or why is it particularly relevant in NYC where we have a larger population of affluent parents not vaccinating?
In areas where there are pockets of children that are not vaccinated, there runs the risk of a greater spread of the disease. California was the epicenter of the current outbreak at Disneyland; however, due to visitors from all over the U.S., the infection has spread to other states such as Arizona, New York and Utah. In addition, international travel contributes to cases being brought back into the U.S. In 2013, the largest outbreak occurred in NYC. None of the patients had documentation of vaccination, and of those that were eligible for the vaccine, 67 percent had parental objection because of religious or philosophical beliefs.

What’s the timing of the measles vaccination? Why might someone delay the vaccination? Can a child still get the vaccination if he or she is sick?
In general, the first MMR (measles/mumps/rubella) is given between 12-15 months, and then a second dose given between 4-6 years of age. However, it is ok to give the second dose any time after 28 days from the first dose.

The American Academy of Pediatrics strongly recommends vaccinating children on time to protect all children, as some have medical reasons that the vaccine cannot be given to them. A person should not get the vaccine if they have had a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) after a previous dose, or if a child has a severe immunodeficiency disorder, cancer, HIV, is on chemotherapy or has severely low blood count. Also pregnant women should not get the vaccine. If a child is acutely very sick, for example with pneumonia or a flu with fever, you can delay your vaccine until the child is well. However an illness like the common cold is not a reason you would need to delay getting the vaccine.

How can I find out how my own doctor handles vaccinations? What are some of the policies out there and why are they so different?
The best way to find out about your doctor’s procedures on vaccinations is to speak to them directly, just as you do about any other health or parenting question you may have about your child. As a pediatrician, it’s my job to educate and relay the facts to parents so they can understand why vaccinations are so important to the health of our children. There is no specific policy regarding how a practitioner decides to deal with those that decide not to vaccinate their children so this is a conversation you should have with them.

My child already got the vaccination. Is there any reason I should be worried or careful in public or around kids that aren’t vaccinated?
The measles vaccine is very protective. It is ok for your child to continue all their daily activities and attend school. I tell my patients not to worry–you’ve done your best at protecting your child from the disease.

What about other vaccinations? How can I stay vigilant about protecting my child against other diseases?
Make sure that you take an active role in your child’s health and discuss with your child’s pediatrician what may be needed. Make sure your child remains up to date. Tools like my Baby Bundle App allow you to record and store all your child’s vaccines as well as other health information, so you can always have the information you need right at your fingertips. It also gives you suggested questions to be asking your pediatrician at the check-ups. Just another way to help simplify and organize so you can stay on top of your baby’s health and development.

How do I talk to other parents about vaccinations? It’s such a heated topic–any suggestions?
As a parent you will certainly have many discussions and hear varying points of view from other parents. I think it’s great to express your views, but don’t get frustrated trying to change the views of others. It will more likely than not end with hard feelings. As moms, we are all trying to do our best for our kids, so try not to be judgmental. However you certainly can inquire about your child’s friends’ vaccination status, so you as the parent can decide if you want to take the risk of possible exposure to your own child.

There’s so much misinformation out there. Where can I find accurate, up-to-date information on measles vaccinations and other health issues?
Center for Disease Control and Prevention, which is from the American Academy of Pediatrics

This article is by Jessica Pallay, courtesy of Well Rounded NY.  Conceived with love by former magazine editors Jessica Pallay and Kaity Velez, Well Rounded NY aims to be the singular pregnancy resource for city-savvy moms-to-be. Through reviews, profiles, expert Q&As, local guides and more, Well Rounded curates the New York City pregnancy and helps its readers come to terms – and term! – with pregnancy in the city.

Things We’ve Read: Week Of February 16th, 2015

February 21, 2015

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Kids’ Solo Playtime Unleashes ‘Free-Range’ Parenting Debate (NPR): The debate on ‘free-range’ parenting tactics continues to rise as parents argue over what teaches children independence, and what is child neglect.

First-Time Pregnant, Far From My Home Country—in Germany (Wall Street Journal): Neetha Mahadevan reflects on her experience with being pregnant in a foreign country, adapting to a different health care system, and how you can better prepare for pregnancy abroad.

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Homeopathy: A natural alternative for pregnancy & postpartum issues (Fox News): Homeopathy explained, and suggested as a possible natural alternative for health during and after pregnancy.

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The Touching Story Behind This Pregnant Woman’s Viral Video Hit (People): Bonnie Northsea was looking for a way to induce labor, so she set up a camera and filmed herself dancing to the Thriller choreography.

9 Stylish Instagram Accounts You Have To Follow

February 20, 2015

Let’s be honest, we could all use some fashion inspiration every once in a while, and when your body is changing, some of your favorite outfits may not work. We’ve combed the Instagram beauty world for fabulous bloggers that show off some gorgeous baby bump fashion. Sharing their personal maternity style, along with photos of their adorable children, these ladies inspire creativity and grace. Get ready to be inspired by these stylish mamas-to-be as they #dressthebump!

Sarah Sherman Samuel (@sarahshermansamuel): A creative director and designer, Sarah shares her interior design as well as her personal maternity style. Her photos have us gushing over her sleek design talents and incredible fashion sense!

Andrea Henderson (@withloveandrea): Dentist by day, fashion blogger by night. Andrea is a power mom-to-be with an amazing sense of fashion - follow her for the latest trends! She and her husband live in Los Angeles and are expecting their first baby in the next month!


Chriselle Lim (@chrisellelim): The number one fashion expert on YouTube and one of the most influential fashion bloggers, Chriselle Lim posts elegant shots of the latest trends, healthy foods, and her baby girl Chloe Victoria.


Irina Bond (@irinabond): A SoCal-based beauty lifestyle blogger, Irina always offers amazing beauty, fashion, and design inspiration. And of course, see pics of her adorable two-month-old baby girl, Vienna, on her personal Instagram.

Ananda Saba (@superfashionable): Coming from Brazilian, Lebanese, and Italian decent, fashion blogger Ananda Saba is one gorgeous mama! Visit her Instagram for daily outfits, giveaways, and as of a week ago, photos of her beautiful baby girl, Valentina.


Joy Cho (@ohjoy): This amazing mom blogger runs Oh Joy!, where she posts daily about design, fashion, food, and joyful moments we find in everyday life. Find pictures of her adorable family and some tasty treats on her personal Instagram account.

Emily Schuman (@emilyschuman): A Los Angeles based author and blogger (Cupcakes and Cashmere), Emily posts about fashion, beauty, food, and of course, photos of her beautiful baby girl, Sloan.

Eva Chen (@evachen212): Busy being the fabulous editor-in-chief of Lucky Magazine, Eva fills her account with all kinds of inspiration: shoes, nails, life at Lucky, and photos of her adorable daughter Ren. 

Rach Parcell (@rachparcell): Salt Lake City based blogger and jewelry designer, Rachel posts her trendy outfits, interior design, and shares her favorite beauty products. Rach and her husband, Drew, are expecting their first baby girl in April 2015!


On-The-Go Moisture Repair

February 18, 2015

On The Go Moisture Repair

Moms-to-be are often said to have a rosy glow. Unfortunately, Old Man Winter can counteract that healthy hue and really do a number on your skin. Luckily, you can reverse the effects of cold days by following a few simple tips that will keep skin moisturized even when you’re on the go.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. We hear this all the time, but it’s so true. After all, water is key to good health and good skin. Fortunately, it’s readily available, cheap (or free from the tap) and you can bring it anywhere. Stash some extra water bottles in your office, in your car and anywhere else you frequent. Fill them up regularly, and aim to consume six to eight glasses per day. Opt for water over other beverages when you’re out, and one of our favorite tricks to drink more water is to add a slice of lemon whenever you can for a little zest.

Humidify. You may only break out your humidifier when you have a case of the sniffles, but these little beauties also support supple skin by infusing the air with moisture. Use one at home while you sleep to combat the dry air from your heater, but also consider bringing one to your office. They’re portable, so you can travel with them and easy to use. Air-O-Swiss offers a series of advanced air treatment systems that optimizes your air, thus soothing your skin.

Heal. Certain skin areas are more susceptible to the elements than others, including cuticles, elbows and heels. Nine Naturals Repairing Body Balm heals and protects all of your dry skin but is particularly effective in areas that need some extra TLC. The size makes it easy to grab and go, so keep this nutrient-rich balm in your purse, desk or the console of your car and apply it three times per day for maximum moisture.

Beauty Diary: Pregnancy Beauty Tips From Jessica Crescenzi, Founder of Beauty Guru NYC

During pregnancy, post-pregnancy, and let’s be honest, until your kids are in college, finding time for yourself as a mom or mom to be is not easy. But it’s so important. A beauty ritual is an exercise of self-love you can give yourself every day and night. And the good news…it can take less than ten minutes! I always start with skin care because if your skin is in good shape, you’ll need less makeup, which means less time in the mirror! Click below for a closer look at my beauty ritual and top pregnancy beauty tips tips:

Joanna Vargas Exfoliating Mask ($75): Exfoliating is so imperative. It makes your skin instantly brighter and helps your products penetrate deeper, which means they’ll be more effective. My go-to product is the Joanna Vargas Exfoliating Mask. It’s suitable for any skin type. I recommend keeping this mask in your shower or apply is in the morning and leave it on while you make coffee, lunches, check emails – I like to call this multi-masking. This mask saves my skin during hormonal breakouts.
African Botanics Marula Oil Cleanser ($75): My favorite cleanser. It’s hydrating, cleans my skin without stripping, and gently exfoliates so it doesn’t feel like your typical oil cleaners.
Odcite Pure Elements ($55): Keeping your skin hydrated makes all the difference. When I feel like my current beauty ritual needs a swiftkick, I add a few drops of oil from Odcaite Pure Elements into my day and night creams. My preferred cocktails are Acai-Rose and Wild Carrot!
Sonya Dakar’s Hoya Nourishing Eye Treatment ($55): For under the eyes - Sonya Dakar’s Hoya Nourishing Eye Treatment is a godsend! It reduces inflammation, hydrates, and balance the skin around the eye area, and nourishes your lashes! At night, I put an eye cream on after this treatment.
RMS Concealer ($36): “un” Cover-up is a beloved product in my makeup bag. It looks so natural; it’s hydrating and gives the skin a natural glow. I use it around my eyes, nose and a bit on my cheeks.
Kjaer Weis Cream Blush ($56): Don’t be afraid of blush gals! Nothing will make you look more healthy than a good blush. I’m a huge fan of Kjaer Weis Cream Blush. Blossoming is a gorgeous nude/pink shade that gives the skin a healthy flush. Blossoming looks great on many skin tones. I also like Desired Glow for darker complexions.
Kjaer Weis Organic Mascara ($38): Mascara is also a quick way to look “awake.” Kjaer Weis Organic Mascara is lengthening and long-lasting.

Chantecaille Liquid Lumiere in Sheen ($39): One of my ta-da, I look like I woke up like this products and tips…use a highlighter. Chantecaille Liquid Lumiere in Sheen - a pearly pink, provides the perfect balance of color, shimmer, and glow to the face! I apply with a Beauty Blender Sponge along the tops of my cheekbones and down my nose. You can also add a few drops to your day cream for an all-over glow.

Ilia Lipstick ($34):A great lipstick can take years off your face. I’m obsessed with Illia Beauty Lipsticks. Two colors you’ll always find in my makeup bag are, Around The World (I believe is only available on and Perfect Day.
Unscented Moisturizing Body Cream ($19): And, last but not least, I can’t live without Nine Naturals Moisturizing (unscented) Body Cream. It’s rich but absorbes quickly and leaves my skin feeling hydrated all day. Quick tip…apply your body cream while your skin is still damp!

Jessica Crescenzi

Jessica Crescenzi has been involved in many facets of the beauty industry. She started in the late nineties as a makeup artist working on photo shoots, runway shows, and television. After working on countless faces, she found that woman were looking to makeup as a way to look better, instead of focusing on the foundation-which is their skin! Jessica quickly became the “go to beauty girl,” for skin care product reviews and advice.

After consulting for beauty retailers and beauty brands, Jessica decided to open her own beauty haven. She handpicked only the finest natural skin care and beauty products, while also offering quick result driven treatments for her clients. Jessica launched an online beauty magazine “Beauty Guru NYC,” in October 2013. At Beauty Guru NYC, Jessica helps readers navigate the world of beauty and interviews brand creators and industry influencers. Find out more about Beauty Guru NYC and follow Jessica on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.